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The Lasik procedure consists of cutting a flap in the stroma of an eye as well as the use of an eximer laser to reshape the cornea. This technology allows for better vision. Since Lasik was introduced several different types of the procedure have come out such as, Wavefront Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, Epi-Lasik, PRK, Lasek, and more. Learn more about Lasik.

The Benefits of Lasik:

  • You no longer have to deal with limited peripheral vision.
  • Lasik typically gives you a more precise vision correction over glasses and contacts.
  • Some Lasik procedures can help with higher or lower order aberrations of the eye.
  • The quality and accuracy of Lasik is improving all the time. Find a Lasik Surgeon.
  • Lasik saves people from the hassle associated with glasses and contacts
  • Learn more about Lasik Eye Surgery.
  • Learn more about the Lasik Eye Surgery risks.

    The Cost of Lasik:

  • Over the long run you have to replace your glasses or your contacts.
  • Lasik actually saves in cost over the longrun.
  • Lasik costs have come down considerably
  • Learn more about the cost of lasik.

    Sometimes written as: Lasic and also Lasic Eye Surgery

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